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Between the Dances

A compilation of stories from over 300 Women around Australia about their lives during WW2 - their voluntary and paid efforts they made while concerned for their men. It is filled with photos from personal albums - a rare treat to have them exhibited after 70 years.

This non-fiction book is published by Jane Curry Publishing of Sydney.


The start of World War 2 changed women’s lives and their place in Australian society forever. Thousands of women ventured where few had gone before – into the services and workplaces previously considered the sole preserve of men.

Revealing poignant and personal conversations, photographs and letters from over 300 remarkable women, Between the Dances is a testament to real life during World War 2.

From Asia to Australia, Malta to the Middle East and New Zealand to the UK, the challenges and adventures faced by these women were unprecedented. Their passion, courage, resilience and commitment during wartime were all a precursor to the astonishing changes brought about by this incredible generation.

Serving their country as nurses, farmhands, munitions workers or members of the defence forces, these fascinating stories expose their struggle with gender stereotypes, the difficult release of social liberties and the dawning of new opportunities for all Australian women.

The last tradition left was the weekly dance, which ceremoniously brought these courageous women and men together for a quickstep, jitterbug or fox trot and a brief respite from the rigours of wartime.

Between the Dances

Jane Curry Publishing

Ordering the Book

Between the Dances will be available at a RRP of $32.95 from all good bookstores & libraries from April 2015.

For a time the book is available for only $28.00 when ordering a signed copy with a personalised message directly form the Author.

Please use the Order Form to place your order. Books will be posted to you from March 2015.

Guest Speaking

Jacqueline will be available as a guest speaker to present an eclectic array of themes and stories captured in Between the Dances. There is no charge for an appearance, yet an opportunity for Jacqueline to sell books after the meeting would be appreciated. Jacqueline is available from May 2015.

To book Jacqueline for your event, club or organisation, please complete the Guest Speaking Form return it by email or post to me and I will be in touch promptly.

"Jacqueline, your visit was hitting the grape vine today with all positives. On a feedback forms from yesterday - excellent - a fantastic moulding of all aspects experienced by women during war time; your presentation was commendable, your enthusiasm contagious and I could have listened to you all afternoon - thank you"

- Debbie, Dimboola Library

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Reviews and Comments

“A poignant revelation of a generation of women who gave inimitable commitment to their country,”

- Tamie Fraser AO

“It is a treasury of yarns about young Australian women snatching the opportunity to serve their country and supporting each other and their families in any way they could, in Australia or overseas …I fell in love with almost all of them: brave, resourceful, funny, inventive, cheeky women.”

- Shirley Stott-Despoja, The Adelaide Review

“This book is a much needed, and often neglected, history of Australian women. There are so many books about men’s experience of war, it is good to see one that concentrates on the equally important roles of women. Between the Dances has left a lasting impression on me and I anticipate that it will become a valuable resource for future researchers into World War 2 and the history of Australian women.”

- Gwen Gilbert, Victorian Country Woman (CWA Vic’s magazine)

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